Many of us have had occasion to use a standard locksmith to change the locks on our houses or to help us get into our homes when our keys have unexpectedly gone missing. However, you may never have thought about whether you may need to use an auto locksmith. In fact, some people may be unaware that auto locksmiths exist, or that they offer a different type of service to a regular locksmith.

Yet, there are a surprising number of occasions when you may require the services of a car locksmith, and here we look at just a few of the possible reasons why you may require help from a car lock professional so that you can be prepared in the event of a car lock crisis.

Solving The Problem Of Lost Keys

Just like house keys, car keys can often go missing. If you’ve ever experienced the stress of rummaging desperately through your bags and pockets hoping to find that illusive fob before heading out of the door on your way to an important meeting or appointment, you’ll know just how important it is to be able to obtain 24hr emergency car keys.

Rather than panicking and ending up wasting time running from room to room and searching through cupboards and drawers as the clock runs down, calling in a professional auto locksmith straight away is an excellent and speedy solution to your problem. However, lost keys aren’t the only reason why you may require a car key replacement. Read on to discover some other potential problems that a car locksmith can solve on your behalf.

Your Car Keys Have Been Left In Your Car

Another surprisingly common reason for calling in the services of a professional car locksmith is when a driver has accidentally left their keys in the ignition or dropped them inside the boot and then closed the car door or boot lid, inadvertently locking it and trapping their key fob inside the vehicle. This is a particularly frustrating situation, since those keys are right there, just out of reach. Fortunately, there’s no need to break a window or try to force the lock – a call to an auto locksmith will resolve the issue quickly, helping you to access your car and obtain your keys.

Broken Keys

Lost keys are one thing, but what happens if you accidentally break your car key? If your key has broken in the lock it’s virtually impossible to repair it alone without a professional locksmith to carry out car key repairs. You won’t even be able to use a spare key to open your car since the broken key’s bottom half is still stuck inside the keyhole. Fortunately, an auto locksmith will be able to extract the broken part of the key and provide you with a new set of keys for your vehicle.

Programming A Key

Sometimes, you may find that your key needs reprogramming. Occasionally, a battery change will cause the car’s computer system to override its original programming and your existing key won’t be able to start up the engine. While this is frustrating and inconvenient, an auto lock specialist can carry out car key programming and get you back on the road again speedily.

Second-Hand Car Purchases

If you’ve bought a second-hand vehicle, it’s likely you’ll only be supplied with a single set of keys. While this may not be a huge problem, if you share your vehicle with another person, or if you’re just a forgetful person who often misplaces their keys, you may need to obtain a spare set. A car locksmith can do this quickly, affordably and easily.

The Benefits Of An Auto Locksmith

If you don’t have a skeleton key and have ever tried to gain access to your vehicle without a working key you’ll know just how difficult and stressful it is – An auto locksmith is an ideal solution, offering a professional and fast service to get you up and running again. A mobile car locksmith is the best possible choice, offering exceptional value for money and skilled, knowledgeable service at a price that you can afford. Coming straight to you and available 24/7, a mobile auto locksmith offers greater convenience than a main dealer without any exorbitant fees.

Need A Car Locksmith?

Whether you’ve locked your keys accidentally inside your car, misplaced them somewhere around the house, or broken it inside the lock, a mobile car locksmith is your best solution. Contact us today for a fast, efficient and friendly service that fits your budget.

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