If you’re wondering “do I need to visit my main dealer for a new or replacement car key?”, then this post is for you. It’s quite common to lose or damage your car key or fob so getting a replacement will probably be the next logical step. Many people assume that going to one of their vehicle manufacturer’s dealerships is the only option, but this isn’t the case.

Of course, you can if you want to, but it’s not necessarily the best choice – here’s why… Although, on the face of it, it may seem convenient if your local dealer is only down the road from you, you’ll almost certainly pay considerably more for a new key if you pay them a visit. It’s also quite possible that they’ll tell you that they’ll need to keep your car for several days whilst they wait for the replacement to be delivered and then programmed.

Obviously, this means that you’ll be without a car for quite a few days.. and even longer if it spans the weekend. Worse still, if you’ve lost your keys, damaged them (e.g. dropped them in water) or locked them in your car, you or your dealer will also have to call out a tow truck to collect it, meaning even more expense. Oh, and by the way, please don’t attempt to break into it yourself as this generally ends badly. Anyway, depending on where the car is, this can easily cost upwards of £100; probably even more.

To further add insult to injury, if you need your vehicle for work, you’ll then have to fork out for a hire car too. As the costs begin to spiral out of control, let’s not forget how much the dealer will charge you for the spare key too. They may even tell you that they now need to replace the car’s ECU as well. So, what you thought might cost less than 100 quid, turns into an eye-watering amount of several pounds instead.

The obvious and most cost-effective solution

The problem with dealerships is that their main function is to sell you a vehicle and then service it periodically – They’re not specialist auto locksmiths; we are. Now, we’re not trying to blow our own trumpet by telling you all about how great we are, but it’s a virtual certainty that you’ll end up paying far less if you contact Keys 4 Cars instead. The reason being that:

  1. We’re cheaper than main dealers
  2. We’re specialist, professional auto locksmiths – it’s all we do
  3. We come to you – we’re mobile and offer a 24-hour emergency service
  4. We’re experts at unlocking cars and vans (if you’ve locked the keys inside)
  5. You won’t need a tow truck or hire car
  6. We can replace your key and program it on the spot so you won’t have to wait for days
  7. You can visit us instead if you prefer


If you wish, you can still visit your main dealer if you need a new car or van key for any reason but it really is worth contacting Keys 4 Cars first. We’ll generally be able to quote you a price there and then over the phone and we’re confident it’ll be way, way cheaper and quicker than your local dealer.

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