The image above may look familiar! How often has this happened to many of us? Picture the scenario; you’re late for work or an important meeting and you’re rushing around and just about to dash out the front door…Until you realise that you can’t find your car keys. I’m sure it’s a situation many of us drivers have encountered at one time or another. All that frantic rushing around as precious seconds tick by only to be thwarted by not being able to find your keys, meaning it was all in vain. You then have to ponder over where you might have left them last. Are they upstairs in the bathroom, in a jean pocket in the wash basket or maybe you absent-mindedly put them in a drawer, or even in the fridge? Who knows? The cold hard fact is that you can’t find them and you’re going to be late… Now you wish you had a spare car key!

Save yourself the bother and get a spare key (or two) cut.

It may not even be something you’ve considered. You may have bought your car secondhand and only have the one key or you’ve lost or broken the spare a while back and never bothered getting it fixed or replaced. Even worse you could lose your car keys at the shopping centre. Whatever the reason, getting one or two spares cut could, at some point in the future, save you the headache and stress of not being able to find your key and making yourself late… and of course, from kicking yourself for being daft enough to lose your key in the first place. The easiest and most practical solution is to have at least one spare car key tucked away somewhere safe so that you’re ever faced with a similar scenario, you’ll have a ‘Plan B’ to fall back on.

Where to get a spare car key cut

As you’d expect, we’re going to suggest you call Keys 4 Cars to get the job done… but not just because we’re trying to tout for your business; there are actually very genuine reasons to choose a mobile auto locksmith instead of going to your local main dealer. Not just us, but any reputable automotive locksmith will generally be able to cut you a spare key quicker and cheaper than most main dealers. Why? Well, when you look at the overheads of a main dealer, there’s the showroom, the sales staff, the mechanics in the workshop or the team in the parts department and they all have to be paid for. To get an original key cut by them involves a markup to cover every part of their business. Then there’s all the paperwork to fill in and you’ll most likely have to wait several days just to get a single replacement key.

With an auto locksmith, it’s a whole different ballgame. We don’t need to buy expensive branded uncut keys and our overheads only amount to a tiny fraction of a main dealers’ expenses. Add to that the fact that we won’t keep you waiting for days on end; we’ll be able to cut you a replacement key right there and then on the spot and we’ll also programme it to your immobilizer/ECU while we’re at it.

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