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It’s fair to say that most of us are aware of the potential risks associated with online shopping. While many have had positive experiences, there are still numerous unreliable businesses eager to take your money without fulfilling their service commitments

Why reviews are important

This is why reviews are now such a crucial part of the process. Deciding on which company to choose can be tricky, but one way that the consumer can at least get a general feel for of a company’s ethos and the level of service they provide is by having a read of their reviews. Although there are now quite a few websites that are specifically dedicated to reviews (e.g. Checkatrade, Trustpilot etc.), these sites can be costly to join if you want to utilise more than just the basic package on offer.

Fortunately, Google offers the same kind of review opportunity for free with their “Google My Business” listing services and in our opinion this is also a better option. Google provides a great way for clients to leave reviews on the companies that they’ve recently used by rating them with a one to five-star score.

See what others have said about us

If you’re a regular Google user, you’ll already be aware of the little gold stars a company gets with its business listing. The closer the overall score to five, the better the service will likely be. As you can see in the lead image of this post, at the time of writing we have over 100 genuine Google reviews with a 4.8/5 score – we’re pretty happy with that!

Are they genuine?

It’s occasionally going to be the case that some companies will fake some or even all of their reviews. Some review websites don’t operate a very robust vetting process which can lead to ” anonymous” users leaving as many fake 5-star reviews as they like. This isn’t as easy on Google because every review is directly tied to a user. Sure, it’s not foolproof but it’s still better than most.


Vetting the companies you’re thinking of using is a sensible precaution. It may add a bit of time to your day but it will pay dividends in the end. And, if you’re considering using our company in the future, we hope this post makes the job of vetting us slightly less time-consuming 🙂

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