If you have a key or lock problem with your car, a general locksmith will often tell you that they can help with the problem and, although this may be true, there are a few reasons why you should choose an auto locksmith when the issue specifically relates to your vehicle: Here are just a few:


There is a bewildering array of makes and models available on today’s car market – not to mention makes and models that date back 20 years or more that are also still on the road. A general locksmith simply won’t have the specialist knowledge and experience to deal with all of them. You really do need years of seeing different cars day in and day out to gain the experience that’s required in our field. It’s also the reason that Keys 4 Cars don’t provide a general domestic service for your home. We stick to what we’re good at and know inside out – and that’s cars.

Transponder keys

Following on from the above, we’re experts in transponder keys. Most modern cars use some type of electronic transponder key and these require programming. This is a specialised service that requires special equipment. If you need a replacement, an auto locksmith will certainly have this as well as being able to easily source the key itself (in most cases).

Response time

In general, an auto locksmith will often be able to respond more quickly to a time-sensitive situation like a car lockout, especially if it’s in the middle of the night. On arrival, we also have the tools and expertise to open the vehicle quickly and without damage; typically in a few minutes.


Since most auto locksmiths specialise in locks and keys for cars, they’re more likely to be able to source the replacement keys or parts required to complete the job at a better price. They’ll already know which suppliers can offer the best price – and the quickest service.


Auto locksmiths are mobile so can come to your location. If you’re in a pickle, this could save you a small fortune as you won’t need to get your car towed to your dealer if you’re stranded because you’ve lost or damaged your key. Keys 4 Cars also carry a large amount of spare vehicle keys with us and will normally be able to programme a new key or a spare on the spot or at the side of the road.

So, if you need assistance with a vehicle key or lock issue, calling a specialist auto locksmith like Keys 4 Cars really is the best option.

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