We're Car Key Specialists

Whether you’ve just locked yourself out of your car or simply need a replacement key, we provide a complete range of services including 24-hour emergency callout

Car Opening

We have specialist lock picking tools to gain entry to your car without causing a scratch.

Car Key Programming

A convenient car key programming service that comes directly to you so there’s no need to visit a dealership.

Car Key Repairs

We can refurbish, repair or replace any car key that’s causing you a problem meaning there’s no need to pay for a full key replacement.

Car Lock Repairs

If your door lock or ignition barrel is causing your key to get jammed or stuck, we can either repair or replace it

Replacement Car Keys

If your car keys are either lost, damaged or have been stolen, we can replace them

Car Opening

Car Key Programming

Car Key Repairs

Car Lock Repairs

Replacement Keys

You’ve searched high and low for your car keys and after the initial stress and panic, you’re left with 2 options.

One is getting a new set of keys from the dealer.

If you’re lucky that means taking your logbook and ID to your local dealer and ordering an expensive replacement key.

2 or 3 days later you can go and pick it up from them and gain access to your car. If you are unlucky you will have to get your car towed to their workshop so that duplicate keys can be cut and programmed to the ECU or immobilizer box in your vehicle.

Assuming they can fit you in the same day they will program and cut a new key to fit yours so you may be lucky enough to collect the same day and drive away.

This is a very expensive option from the dealer.

The second and best option:

Call Keys 4 Cars on 07789 588 901 free 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

First of all, a specialist vehicle locksmith will come to you. He will produce, on the spot, duplicate car keys and program them to your ECU or immobilizer box at a price that is a fraction of the cost from a main dealer.

Sit in the comfort of you’re home as one of our specialists take all the stress away outside giving you that all important access to you’re car.

Every mobile unit carries key blanks and transponder chips for most vehicles and the vans are equipped with all the specialist machinery necessary for key cutting and programming.

Doesn’t matter if your key had an encrypted chip that can’t be copied – we can still get you back on the road! We simply produce a new key and code it directly to your vehicle using sophisticated diagnostic tools.

Emergency Locksmith Coverage

 Our mobile team of expert car locksmiths will come directly to you and deal with any car key issues on the spot.

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