If you’re having any type of car key or car lock problem that needs to be addressed quickly, Keys 4 Cars Ltd. are the obvious choice if you live in or near Gravesend in Kent. There are several reasons for this, with the most obvious one being the geographical location of our office and workshop.

We’re mobile

Our location at Northfleet Industrial Estate is a mere stone’s throw from Gravesend Town Centre which means that, if one of our auto locksmiths is in our office or in our local area, they can usually get to any part of Gravesend in around 10 minutes or so. We provide a comprehensive mobile service and our vehicles are fully equipped, meaning that we’re able to deal with pretty much any emergency car lock or key-related incident that arises. There is a range of scenarios where this can be particularly useful when you run into a problem, so let’s take a look at a couple of hypothetical ones.

Scenario 1 – Lost keys

You’re just about to head off on a journey and you realise that you can’t find your keys. This can often happen when you’re away from home and don’t have a spare set to hand. It could be something as simple as losing your keys whilst shopping at Bluewater or accidentally dropping them down a drain when leaving your workplace in Gravesend. Whatever the reason, just pick up the phone and call our emergency number and we’ll be able to tell you there and then how long it will take for us to get to you.

Scenario 2 – Damaged key fob

Today’s electronic key fobs are far more fragile than the robust car keys of bygone decades. Back then, a car key was just a simple key with a plastic handle that operated the car lock and ignition barrel manually – It didn’t contain any complicated electronics so it didn’t matter if you accidentally trod on it or it got run over by a bus!

Nowadays, virtually all keys are filled with tiny gizmos (and a limited lifespan battery) that can easily get damaged. For example, it may have accidentally slipped out of your hand and fallen into a puddle or you may have dropped something heavy onto it. Alternatively, it may have just suddenly failed of its own accord, perhaps because of battery failure or a failed internal component. If you were in Gravesend when it got damaged, our location makes us the best team to call.

Other non-urgent services

You don’t just benefit from the urgent stuff as in the two scenarios above, there are also other reasons to get in touch with Keys 4 Cars. For one, our prices will almost certainly be cheaper than your main dealer. Secondly, we’ll also be able to get the job done far quicker – even for non-emergencies. Dealers are notorious for having to order spares, which will then take days (or even weeks) to arrive. so, it’s worth noting that aside from our emergency 24/7 service, we’re also available for general work such as:

  • Car opening
  • Car key replacements
  • Fob reprogramming
  • Ignition and lock repairs/replacements

So, if there’s an emergency or you just have a general enquiry, make sure that Keys 4 Cars are the first company you call – we’re certain you’ll be glad you did!.

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